Idle Blob Miner

This is a basic Idle Mining Game where the goal is to accumulate wealth exponentially!

Developed using Unity 2017.1.2 in 6 Days!

Camera Controller

Holding the left mouse button down while the cursor is in either at the top or bottom of the screen will move the camera up and down respectively. For more information where to click, please see this image.

Source code is available under the MIT License here: Github

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Idle, idle-game, Open Source


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cute game, pretty much a reskin of tycoon miner idle (or whatever it is called).

Needs some balancing :) (first miners can be overupgraded so the bird only flies the first route)

Thanks for playing! 

Yeah it's definitely a clone, this was an assigned task for a job application with the original creators :p