Roo's world, his Zoo enclosure; has been ruined by drunken men, they have made them selves at home with targets for shooting practice.

Jump on the drunks to score points, keep their targets upright to keep them busy, avoid getting shot.

Keep all the targets down to enjoy a chaotic event with a 2 X Multiplier!


Space / Touch - Hop!



This was made in 48 Hours by Arran Smith for Ludum Dare 38 Compo


Windows / Mac / Linux 10 MB

Install instructions

Enjoy! Post your HighScore!

Also available on


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This game is a keeper.

I've been playing it so much. I'd love to see a redone version with more settings/villains trying to take down the roo.

Such a great concept!

Hey thanks a lot, that made my day :D I would really like to remake it. Maybe I will!